What is Feed in Tariff (FiT)?

To encourage the power companies to play a bigger role in promoting the development of RE, new measures have been put in place under the post-2018 Scheme of Control Agreements (SCAs) with the power companies.

Under the post-2018 SCAs, Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme will be introduced to encourage the public and businesses to consider investing in RE as the power generated can be sold to the power companies at a rate higher than the normal electricity tariff rate to help recover the costs of investment in the RE systems and generation. The FiT rates to be adopted at the launch of the FiT Scheme range from $3 to $5 per kWh, depending on the generation capacity of the RE system.

All the units of electricity generated by a grid-connected renewable energy power system (REPS) under the FiT Scheme will be metered and purchased by CLP / HK Electric at the applicable FiT rate which is higher than normal electricity tariff rates.

Any units of electricity consumed at the premises where the REPS is installed will be charged at the prevailing electricity tariff rates.

The 2018 policy address proposes to relax restrictions on the installation of solar systems in small houses.

  • Height limit is relaxed from 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters
  • The system occupies up to half of the roof area (~350 square feet)
  • Cannot enclose four sides

What are rates of the FiT?

FiT Period: 15 years

  • CLP (start from 2018 Oct)
  • HKE (start from 2019 Jan)

FiT rates are as follows:

  • HK$5 per kWh for RE system capacity at 10 kW or below;
  • HK$4 per kWh for RE system capacity above 10 kW but not exceeding 200 kW; and
  • HK$3 per for RE system capacity above 200 kW but not exceeding 1 MW.

Capacity of the Renewable Energy System FiT rate (per unit of electricity -kWh)
≤ 10 kW HK$ 5
> 10 kW - ≤ 200 kW HK$ 4
> 200 kW - ≤ 1MW HK$ 3

Who can participate in the FiT Scheme?

If You have …

  • A registered CLP / HKE account holder (not applicable to government bodies) ;
  • A renewable energy system is powered by solar and/or wind and is located on your premises with a total generation capacity of up to 1MW; and
  • A renewable energy system can be connected to the CLP / HKE network without any increase in capacity or network reinforcement work by CLP / HKE.
    You are qualified.

Services provided by Sungen

  • Site survey before FiT application: 1. Shadow estimation 2. Efficiency evaluation
  • System design, we use first-class components to ensure that the system stays functioning for a long time
  • Submit application form and technical documentation
  • Start procurement and construction
  • System connected to the CLP / HKE
  • Maintenance services after system operation

Solutions for roof owners

  • The owner is the investor, Sungen sells and installs the system for the owners.
  • The owners and Sungen sign a lease agreement for the same period as FiT, the owners rent the roof space to Sungen and charge a fixed rent.

Why choose Sungen?

  • A. Power generation guarantee
    Sungen works with insurers from Germany to develop insurance plans to ensure 90% of the system's electricity generation and covers the full risk of the system.
  • B. Zero investment model
    Roof owners can flexibly choose a rental option and can still charge a fixed rent without making an investment.
  • C. Strict internal audit system
    Sungen’s experience in the past 10 years has consistently adhered to the highest internal audit system to ensure the quality and long-term operational efficiency of solar systems; including the use of PVSYST to accurately estimate the amount of power generated by the system and the loss of the system due to the environment. , as well as the use of quality branded components, to ensure quality and warranty plans, as well as the wind resistance of the solar system.